FEB 4TH, 2017

Hosted by New York University

1. Web archiving:

Contribute to the Internet Archive’s End of Term archive.

In this track you will be working through federal websites to identify important data and figure out what we need to do with it. You should have familiarity with a web browser and attention to detail.
Goals: secure websites from offices of DOE, EPA, DOI, etc.

To join this track:

2. Data archiving:

Contribute to DataRefuge.org, a CKAN instance.

EITHER have deep domain knowledge of scientific datasets, OR be a librarian, OR be a skilled technologist in a programming language of your choice (eg python, javascript, c, java, etc), knowledge of the command line (bash, shell, powershell), experience working with structured data (eg json formatting). Experience in front-end web development a plus.
Goals: archive data from USGS, other datasets waiting in the queue, etc.

To join this track:

  • Join the #archiving-data slack channel, write your github username & tag @louh, @mattprice, @dcwalk. We will add you to this Github org.
  • When we add you to the repo, make your membership public

3. Storytelling

You should have a penchant for developing compelling narratives and/or social media strategies.

Goals: tell/write stories on the importance of climate and environmental data on our everyday lives. Share this work on social media.

To join this track:

  • Join the #storytelling slack channel

4. Onward

For newbies and veterans of EDGI alike.
Goals: discuss / spec out the next 3 to 6 months of tech development plans as we move beyond collection; discuss security, resiliency, redundancy.

To join this track:

  • Join the #storytelling slack channel